Demi Moore can officially be dubbed a repeat cradle-robber, as the 50-year-old actress has snagged a new young'un for the nursery: 26-year-old Vito Schnabel.

Lest you forget, Moore is currently in the middle of a lengthy divorce from Ashton Kutcher, who at 34 is apparently way past his prime for Demi's more cougar-like sensibilities.

As for the new guy, Vito is reportedly a hotshot art dealer and the son of painter Julian Shnabel. And while Daddy S is 60 and thus perhaps a more "proper" match for Ms Moore, alas -- he's off the market thanks to his engagement to a 30-year-old friend of his son's. Ew?

Meanwhile, Vito's last high profile celeb relationship was with 35-year-old Liv Tyler, and he's also dallied with supermodel Elle Macpherson (still smokin' at 49, by the way).

Man. Family photos in this clan must be super weird.

Demi and Vito met at a birthday party in India thrown by model Naomi Campbell for her billionaire boyfriend -- the soiree was sadly not held in her headline-grabbing spaceship home -- and a source says the new couple was “dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests.”

And since their dry-humping displays of affection at the party, they've been "quietly spending time together,” which is totally understandable. Having outer-sex in public is pretty exhausting, we find.

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