Being present as a delegate at a national convention during a presidential election has been a DREAM of mine for over a decade. Now that it has been announced that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has been chosen to be Vice-President Joe Biden's running mate as vice-president, I am even more excited to attend this year's virtual DNC.

Sharing this exciting experience with you will be a gift that gives on giving!

Here you go: The Democratic National Convention is next Monday thru Thursday, August 17th-20th, and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

RSVP below to virtually attend one of the MANY different DNC Caucus Meetings. There's even a link to add each meeting/event to your calendar so you won't forget.

The Virtual Caucus Meetings typically will begin around 9 am until 4 pm daily. The Pre-Shows and Evening Shows are also open to the public and will be televised on multiple streams, including new dedicated streaming channels on Roku and Fire TV sticks.


Click here to download the 2020 Democratic National Convention channel on Roku. If you want to watch the convention on your laptop, it will be streaming here at

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