Disney theme parks are home to magic, fun and love. So it should come as no surprise that the parks are also home to many weddings and marriage proposals. Even the park staff gives advice on the best places to propose. Whether you think Disney Park proposals are super cute, or too cliche, couples everywhere are making the promise to get hitched in the magical world of Disney.

If you haven’t seen this first one, you simply must. Absolutely adorable and smile inducing, this proposal is just the right mix of playful and romantic. We never imagined a proposal with a sassy talking trash can, but this guy pulled it off.

This next proposal is simple but sweet, and easy to do as long as you’re willing to wait 45 minutes while someone draws your portrait. Watch a caricature artist draw the couple — with a little surprise at the end.

Now this proposal is a little more awkward. In the middle of taking a picture with Cinderella, the guy just walks away to pick up a glass slipper. The execution may be a little fumbled, but the idea is cute and the bride-to-be is bawling tears of joy. Now the couple will forever have Cinderella in their engagement photos!

A magical background, a beautiful day, and a very happy couple. This proposal went off splendidly as the couple posed for a picture in front of Cinderella’s castle. Talk about a popular spot to pop the question.

Disney posted this video of a musical proposal. It seems a man arranged for Disney actors to put on a major theatrical musical number on Disneyland’s Main Street for his proposal — and he also acted in it. Some internet sources are crying “fake,” claiming this video was scripted as an act for the park. Take a look and see what you think.

What do you think of these Disney proposals? Romantic or cheesy?

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