Watch out, Justin Bieber! The same two tykes who proposed to Selena Gomez via clever T-shirts are back at it — this time with an excruciatingly adorable video.

The two young gentlemen, accompanied by some fierce young female backup dancers, made a video set to ‘Boyfriend’ to express their love for Sel. While one guy raps with his girl dancers, the other sits in the background on a couch and looks bored as heck.

They move from spot to spot around their house, sitting on staircases, spinning around on their living room floor, all in the name of the ‘Spring Breakers‘ starlet. Though their lyrical work could use some, well, work, it’s super cute and hilarious to watch.

Just one thing: We’d like to suggest to the boys that if Selenita doesn’t reciprocate their affection, maybe they can holler at the pint-sized female emcee in the clip. She killed it — and check her out hamming it up in the background towards the end. She may just usurp the ubiquitous Sophia Grace and Rosie.

Watch Kids Propose to Selena Gomez

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