When Pitbull, Juicy J and CeeLo Green join forces, the result is an instant party. Take a look at DJ Felli Fel's lyric video for his new song 'Have Some Fun' to find out.

The Boombox debuts the exclusive premiere of the Peej Phillips-animated visual, which features cartoon versions of the rappers and DJ joyriding in a convertible. Felli's at the wheel while Pit, Juicy and CeeLo cruise along with him as the track's lyrics pop up.

"I had a lot of fun producing this record," DJ Felli Fell tells The Boombox. "Pitbull, Juicy J and CeeLo all have a unique sound, so there's no doubt that this the perfect summer anthem for 2014."

The upbeat effort finds the guys letting loose. "I wanna party til the morning sun / I know I'm not the only one," CeeLo sings on the hook.

"Every day my birthday / Every day I get cake / Now mami let me see you in your birthday suit / Let's play," Pitbull rhymes.

The West Coast DJ appreciates each rapper lending their talents for the song, but one particular Miami native stands out. "The most memorable moment was when I found out that Pitbull was recording his verse overseas in Barcelona," Felli Fel shares. "He let me know that he loved the song so much that he couldn't wait to do it so he just knocked it out while he was on tour. It's definitely a great feeling when the artists on the track support the song so much."

Up next, Felli Fel is working on a new track featuring Ice Cube and Kendrick Lamar.

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