Some animals need sweaters, like hairless cats but some just look so sweet they need one right? I'm not really sure how it starts. I attempted to get my dog Gary into a sweater and he just ended up with one leg caught in the neck after I set him free to roam around the house.

This past October I was set on getting bat wings for my new kitty Winifred but waited too long and most stores had been picked clean. This year will be different.

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For the people who are set on specific things, go early. I'm not ready to put a dress on her, however, the Yakima Valley doesn't care what season we are in. Dressing up your pet is a go and if you need any type of inspiration, it comes in all forms. From kittens to lizards and guinea pigs, everyone's getting into the spirit of things.

Pet Costumes of the Yakima Valley

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