It seems that television is only catering to younger demographics, but one cable channel hopes to tap into a new group of TV enthusiasts by becoming the first network to provide wall-to-wall programming for — wait for it — dogs.

It’s called DogTV and it consists of 24 hours of short shows and segments that your pup would actually find entertaining, enthralling and even relaxing. So, what do dogs want to watch? Calming nature scenes of green fields, owners playing with their pooches, and shots of vacuum cleaners and doorbells.

The network has put almost three years of research into finding out what dogs like to watch and how their programming can benefit them. But some think this new network isn’t really for dogs at all.

Dr. Ann E. Hohenhaus, a veterinarian from New York City, said she believes DogTV actually makes the owners feel better when they have to leave their dogs by themselves. One could argue it’s also for anyone obsessed with watching videos of cute doggies playing tug-of-war with each other (that means all of us).

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