Lots of happiness at the Yakima Humane Society this week and tears of joy. But the week didn't start like that.

It started on a very sad note. Someone found a large auburn colored female retriever tied to a local stop sign in Zillah. Her 11 puppies were nearby in a large tub. No notes were found and there's no word on who abandoned her and her pups. But it didn't take long for someone to notice and save the entire family and take them to the Yakima Humane Society. Officials at the society posted pictures asking for help in fostering mom and puppies.


Then something happened that rarely happens to abandoned dogs. The owner came forward and the story is a tear jerker if you haven't already been impacted.
Her name is Zoey and she was stolen last year on Mother's Day. Lots of hugs and tears between her and her person when they finally were able to meet...again at the Yakima Humane Society.


According to a Facebook post "Zoey is naturally friendly, but when her person went back to the kennels to make sure it was actually her after all this time, Zoey lit up in a way she hadn’t for any of our staff." Her person, or owner was overcome with emotion after not seeing Zoey for so long but also because of her thinner condition.
Zoey is now back at home where she belongs. She'll soon be spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped thanks to the society's My Last Litter program.
Her puppies? They're all now in what the society says is an "amazing" foster home with mom until the puppies can be adopted.

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