I was invited to a party where one of the highlights was something unique and crafted specifically for this party. This year, it was 'Dorito Nuggets' - chicken nuggets battered and breaded with crushed Doritos.

As 'Drunken Master Paul' demonstrates:

  • Season chicken with salt, prepare your egg wash and crush your Doritos. Fry your oil at 350 degrees. Canola oil was used in this case. That's what I use, too. Something that can handle deep frying.
  • Cut chicken. You can do nuggets or strips.
  • Down the assembly line, take your chicken, dunk it in the egg wash, coat it generously with the Doritos crumbs and place gently in the hot oil.
  • General rule of thumb is wait for them to float. Maybe make a few and cut them open at first to get a feel for the timing.
  • He also makes a couple of dipping sauces, but they tasted just fine on their own. Watch the video for the full demonstration.

    You'll see me in the background at about the 7:30 mark.