I ran into a Tee, a friend of mine, the other day, and she told me that she now works at the new Single Hill Brewing Company over on Naches Ave. I love that Yakima is popping up with new craft breweries all over the downtown area (Yakima Craft Brewing Co., The Beer Shoppe, and my favorite, Redifer Brewing Company)!

I had totally forgotten that the new brewery just opened up in downtown Yakima. I actually know one of the owners, Ty Paxton! He's in a local band, The Common Deer, and he used to work at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital in the Marketing department.

The best thing about having all these new breweries in Yakima (and beyond) is that they are for the most part, FAMILY-FRIENDLY! That's right, you will definitely see some parents hanging out with their adult friends at local breweries with their kids in tow. Sometimes a mom or dad needs/wants to relax for a few hours outside the house, just chilling with their (adult) friends while their kids entertain themselves with the other children in the restaurant.

If you get a chance, go check out the new craft beer brewery's Farm Beer Release party on Wednesday, July 18th, from 12pm to 9pm at 101 N. Naches Ave.

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