It looks like the voice-generated song trend has reached a fever pitch with the latest Drake and The Weeknd song created by artificial intelligence.

On Friday (April 14), a mysterious creative artist named "Ghostwriter" posted on his social media channels a track called "Heart on My Sleeve" featuring the voice-generated A.I. vocals of Drake and The Weeknd. The song has both Canadian artists rapping and singing about Selena Gomez. The fake tune has become a hit on social media and streaming services for how realistic it sounds.

The two-minute song contains Metro Boomin''s familiar producer tag ("If Metro don't trust you, I'mma shoot ya"), a downing piano groove and a bass-heavy beat.

"I came in with my ex like Selena to flex/Bumpin' Justin Bieber the fever ain’t left me/She know all she need, I need her she blessed, giving her my best/I got my heart on my sleeve with a knife in my back what’s with that?/(Aye) 21, I love him that my brother that’s my slatt," the clone Drake raps on the track.

The Weeknd follows and sings about Selena, whom he dated from 2015 to 2017.

"Got these pearls on my neck, got these girls on my check like Selena baby/Oh my genie maybe yeah, she taking the Lambo for a drive using the fancy door/When she went out the store, I throw my heart on my sleeve," the fake Weeknd sings.

The song is a major hit on social media with fans. Unlike other robotic-sounding voice-generated songs, this A.I.-created collaborative tune between Drizzy and Abel sound like the real deal. But it's entirely fake.

"AI music is here," wrote Mckay Wrigley, an actual A.I. developer, on Twitter. "This is the 1st example of AI generated music that *really* wowed me. This guy ghostwriter977 on TikTok made a Drake x The Weeknd track that’s actually kind of insane?"

"You’ll soon be able to make unlimited music by your favorite artists on demand with AI," he concluded.

Jay-Z's longtime engineer Young Guru may not like Wrigley's assessment. He is deeply concerned about where this technology is headed and how it will affect artists creatively and financially.

But it looks like the A.I. technology is getting better and more accurate with voice duplication.

The future is now.

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