In a new interview with W magazine, The Weeknd reveals that he wants to kill The Weeknd.

In an in-depth cover story for W magazine's "Pop Issue," The Weeknd says that he's on a "cathartic path" and is ready to close the chapter on his musical persona known as The Weeknd.

"It's getting to a place and a time where I’m getting ready to close the Weeknd chapter," he tells W magazine Editor at Large Lynn Hirschberg. "I'll still make music, maybe as Abel, maybe as The Weeknd. But I still want to kill The Weeknd. And I will. Eventually. I'm definitely trying to shed that skin and be reborn."

The Weeknd added: "The album I'm working on now is probably my last hurrah as The Weeknd. This is something that I have to do. As The Weeknd, I’ve said everything I can say."

The Weeknd, born Abel Tesfaye, is one of the most successful artists in pop music. Last February, the R&B singer broke a streaming record by becoming the first artist to surpass 100 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

"It’s official: On February 27, The Weeknd became the first artist in Spotify History to reach 100 Million monthly listeners," Spotify announced on their Twitter account.

Additionally, The Weeknd has a total of five diamond-selling singles including "Blinding Lights," "The Hills," "Save Your Tears," "Starboy" and "Can't Feel My Face."

The Weeknd is now segueing into acting and executive producing on his upcoming HBO series The Idol, which premieres on June 4. The show has already garnered some buzz and harsh criticism so far. But The Weeknd is not bothered by it.

"Film and TV is a new creative muscle for me," he tells W Mag. "Let’s say it comes out and it’s f**king horrible. I still know I did my absolute best."

It looks like The Weeknd is evolving as an artist.

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