A lost hoodie here, a forgotten backpack there. In Justin Bieber's case, an open fly on the Grammy red carpet!

What's with teens and brain fog?

Parenting teens and tweens can sometimes feel like kindergarten redux, except adolescent attitudes are edgier and their missing and broken stuff costs more. In addition, their table manners are atrocious, some don't like to shower or use deodorant, and they may forget to brush their teeth.

And while nobody would ever suggest that 16-year-old Bieber's grooming is anything less than impeccable (including his famously perfect hair), he experienced a classic, albeit minor, teen wardrobe malfunction Sunday as he posed for pictures in his all-white tux.

There was no reveal. His trousers covered all, but it was one of those moments that sets parents thinking: Why is my kid still skipping through life on another planet? When's he going to land back on Earth?

The short answer might be later rather than sooner, at least when it comes to their brains.

Most scientists once believed the human brain reached full development by age 12. But research based on improved brain scan technology indicates that coordination of certain functions continues to come together through the early 20s, said Lawrence Steinberg, a psychology professor at Temple Univ

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