N*Sync is reuniting for the upcoming VMA's and here is KFFM's top 5 songs that we think N*Sync should perform. The N*Sync reunion is set to take place on August 25th at the VMA's.

  • 5


    The first song off the album Celebrity, it had a killer vibe and funk to it.

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    This I Promise You

    This song was written by Richard Marx --- the same artist that brought you Right Here Waiting --- still a classic love ballad from N*Sync

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    I Want You Back

    This is one song that put N*Sync on the musical map and skyrocketed them to fame.

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    Tearing' Up My Heart

    VH-1 listed this as the 30th greatest song of the 90's and a tremendous follow-up to I Want You Back.

  • 1

    Bye Bye Bye

    Nothing says N*Sync than Bye Bye Bye and is considered their signature song.

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