This works for any holiday, but I see it during the Easter season more often than any other time. Lots of candy and chocolates on the shelf, but make sure you're not substituting quality because of the lower prices.

Sometimes they say chocolate or hollow chocolate or solid milk chocolate -- a lot of candy says a lot of things. Every once in a while, usually on the stuff that's less expensive, it'll say the word flavored underneath the word chocolate. Usually in much smaller letters. The reason it has to say it's chocolate flavored is because it doesn't have enough quality ingredients to classify it as a chocolate. Although there is cocoa in it, it's still not enough to qualify. Often times these are made with a palm oil or other substitutes to make them work.

Don't get me wrong, they actually taste pretty good. In fact, most taste like any other chocolate on the shelf, but just want you to know what you're buying and what you're putting into your body.

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