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Ed Sheeran Wrote a New Song for BTS' Next Album

Along with his vocal abilities, Ed Sheeran is an accomplished songwriter. In a recent conversation with Most Requested Live, Sheeran spoke about his last collaboration with BTS, called "Make It Right." He said that he enjoyed working with the group so much that he teamed up with BTS once again on a new song for their upcoming album. (via NME)

Can Playing Video Gams Lead to Success?

In a survey of 2,000 Americans, 47 percent said that video games have helped them become more successful. Meanwhile, 60 percent of gamers said that video games have helped improve their problem-solving skills, as well as their creativity. Half of respondents even said that video games have helped them learn to better manage time. (via Study Finds)

Liam Neeson Got Driving Lessons From This Actress

Did you know that Liam Neeson didn't drive until he was 30? While filming the movie Excalibur, the actor needed a way to get to set, so co-star Helen Mirren gave him some driving lessons. While speaking to James Corden, Neeson said that Mirren was a good teacher. (via UPROXX)

Serena Williams Won't Be Going to the Olympics

At Wimbeldon, Serena Williams said that there were "a lot of reasons" as to why she will not be at the Olympics in Tokyo this summer. She also said that the Olympics have been a great place for her (naturally, after winning four gold medals) but that the games are not on her mind currently. (via TMZ)

Study Shows Some Extra Parenting Was Done in 2020

A new global study revealed that due to the pandemic, the average mom did an extra 173 hours of parenting last year. Dads, on the other hand, only contributed an extra 59 hours. (via Center for Global Development)

Kim Kardashian's Brand Created Lounge-wear for Team USA

Kim Kardashian's shape-wear line, SKIMS, has just announced that they are providing the official lounge-wear, undergarments and pajamas for American athletes who are competing in the Summer Olympics this year. SKIMS also announced that some of the pieces will be available as a capsule collection. Athletes Alex Morgan, Dalilah Muhammad, A'ja Wilson, Scout Bassett and Haley Anderson are some of the women who posed for the campaign photos. (via TMZ)

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