Here we are coming up on our first post-pandemic rodeo (Toppenish Rodeo*, July 2nd and 3rd), and I, for one, am kind of excited. I would be WAY MORE excited if we weren't expecting the heatwave to continue, reaching 105 degrees both Friday and Saturday, but nevertheless, I'm just thrilled to be at my first rodeo in nearly 15 years! If you've been to one rodeo, you have not exactly been to them all because each one is different, of course. You will still end up seeing these five things at the rodeo, no matter which one you go to:

1. Buckle Bunnies: Another way to describe cowboy groupies no matter their gender is to call someone a "buckle bunny". They like to hang around and gawk at the rodeo riders belt buckles, arms, and cowboy boots. Their mission is mostly just to giggle and flirt.

2. A Cow That Doesn't Want to Be There: I'm surprised there isn't a Disney movie about a young bull who doesn't want to be a part of the rodeo, even though he comes from a long line of legacy bulls. The bull yearns to leave his provincial town and move to the big city, because he has big dreams, and whatnot.

3. A Clint Eastwood look-a-like. Bonus points if somebody looks like John Wayne, but since this rodeo is likely in Toppenish or Ellensburg, you get the most points for somebody's Paw-Paw that looks like a dead ringer for Johnny Cash.

4. Mutton-bustin' babies: Little babies (not literal babies) riding their sheep. Start with the cute stuff and then move on to something stronger.

5. Saddle Lustin': There is always somebody lusting after somebody else's saddle. It's usually a younger person who is a rider but wants to upgrade to a new saddle. Saddles sure are expensive! I recently saw one that was almost the price of a used car! It was more expensive than a Caribbean cruise! I mean, would you buy this Circle Y Elko saddle for $2,499 (and that's ON SALE)? For that kind of money, that saddle better come with Bluetooth capabilities and Alexa!

HERE'S A BONUS THANG YOU'LL SEE AT ANY RODEO: A wad of CHEW. Shout out to Brian from the Mornin' Bullpen Show who reminded me of this.

*FYI: The Toppenish Rodeo is selling ONLINE tickets only this year due to COVID-19!

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