One of the highlights, of which there were MANY, at the most-recently completed Chinook Fest was getting to witness the power punk and pop of Ellensburg band Cobrahawk.

Courtesy: Cobrahawk
Courtesy: Cobrahawk

After they had completed their raucous Saturday afternoon set, I had the chance to chat with guitarist Devin Duncan who was gracious enough to flip my a copy of their new album "Vindictive" which was released in March. Devin also informed me that the band, formed in 2013 under the original moniker "Walking Talking Stephen Hawking" - earned the opening slot for San Jose, CA rockers Smash Mouth as part of this year's entertainment line-up at the 125th Central Washington State Fair.

Their performance is slated for Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. on the Corona Extra stage.

Here is their first single from the album, Hot and Bothered".

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