How many of you have ever DROPPED a cellphone on your FACE? Apparently you aren't alone -- it appears many of us have fallen victim to this likely painful and certainly embarrassing act.

According to a recent study, more than half of us have dropped a phone on our noggin when we were in bed or on the couch.

What about walking into a wall or slamming into a pole? Thirteen percent admit they've done that.

Don't feel bad, though. Things could be a lot worse, considering some of the other accidents that were reported:

  • 35% have tripped over an animal.
  • 28% have hit their hand instead of a nail while hammering.
  • 27% thought they had a clear exit, only to slam into a glass door.
  • 16% have rolled off a treadmill or hurt themselves on an exercise ball.
  • And finally, 15% have fallen down or tripped while using an escalator.

Oh, and totally off topic, but still speaking of cellphones, ever have random creepy dudes try to get your phone number? Here. Give them this phone number instead.


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