Since the pandemic, we've seen more and more people pick up healthy habits, including cycling. With more cyclists on the road and the pandemic at its end is it still safe? We took a look at the Yakima Roadways and we started to ask that question ourselves.

People have taken to social media to argue the fact whether or not cyclists belong on the road or if they need to be sticking to the sidewalk. We wanted to take deeper dive and figure out what others thought what the laws and what should be happening.

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Bikers Can't be on the Main City Streets

This is false, we see this claim a lot and people think that cyclists don't belong on the main streets as they disrupt traffic. The way this problem is actually solved is by cyclists sticking to the bike lane if they can't stay with the flow of traffic or if they stay in the right lane. The left lane for both city and freeway driving is meant for passing traffic, slow drivers shouldn't even be in this lane but still, choose to do it. It's unsafe for both slow drivers and cyclists to be in the left lane.

If there are a bike lane Cyclists need to Stay in it. 

This is also false, the bike lane is meant for cyclists to stay off the sidewalk when there's other foot traffic and to make it safer for those who can't keep the same speed or travel safely on the road. Those who are up to snuff and can handle the rules of the main city streets are okay to be there.

Cyclists don't have to signal where They're Going

Once again also false, cyclists are meant to use hand signals when switching lanes or making a turn, When sharing the road it's important for everyone to remember to signal whether they use the mechanics in their cars or their hands while on their bike. This creates safer roads for everyone and helps avoid accidents. The signal must occur 100 feet before your turn or merge or any accident can leave you liable.

Cyclists don't have the same rules as cars.

Somewhat true but not entirely, yes cyclists have a few other rules from motor vehicles but not much. They actually have to follow all the same rules of the road as vehicles. That being yielding, stopping at lights, going through roundabouts, all of it. If they're on the main roads they have to follow the same rules.

The next time you're on the road trying to remember you're sharing it with those cycilists and vice versa. If you chose to ride your bike over driving your car you still have rules to follow. Together we can make the Yakima Roadways a safer place for everyone.


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