When it comes time for summer, Emily Zeck only chases two things: dollar bills and ice cream trucks.

The surfer girl-turned-Instagram-star-turned-pop artist rides a tsunami of sweet and sticky beats on her latest track, "Two Cents (Ice Cream Song)." Featuring twinkly, summery electro-pop production, "Two Cents" finds Zeck singing wistfully about soft serve and hard cash ("I scream, you scream / We all got big dreams") while denouncing haters' cheap opinions.

"I learn not to care what people think / When I try to pay my bills with the words they speak / If you can't keep up with the way I am / Then save your two cents for the ice cream man," she lilts over a flurry of shimmering synths on the pre-chorus, right before the beat drop: a glitched-out, electronic rendition of the iconic ice cream truck theme.

"Someone told me to write a song about what I like, so I wrote about money and ice cream," Zeck tells us of the sugary, instantly catchy tune. "It's a cool feeling when you learn how to turn someone's negative vibes into a positive and fun situation. Once you learn that trick, life becomes a lot easier."

It's too cool for the summer, indeed. Listen below:

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