Remember that old wives tale that says the way to a lover's heart is through their stomach? I consider myself a serious foodie, so I am a firm believer that food, in particular, chicken, is a great tool to woo! In fact, KFC Canada is hosting a crazy contest to send a "Chicken Gram" to your Valentine, according to Mashable.

What a GREAT IDEA, and I'm so stealing it, just like the little klepto "chickadee" that I am! I would love to deliver a "Chicken Gram" to your favorite person on Valentine's Day, so send me a quick letter telling me about your Valentine and why I should pick him or her to get a free thing of chicken*!

I will have two buckets to give away, but I am only going to choose ONE winner, because the chicken will be so good, I'll be eating the other bucket. #sorrynotsorry

Contest ends at midnight on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2017.

*I am originally a Southern Belle from Tennessee, so to this day, I still refer to all sorts of stuff as a "thing". This includes measurements, sizes, people or any item, really. In this case, a "thing of chicken" would be a small bucket of chicken or perhaps some popcorn chicken from a restaurant in Yakima that sells chicken. I haven't decided where the chicken will come from, though, so if your Valentine gets chosen, I'll call you and let you know!

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