Sweets for your sweety. Sure, you could grab a box of truffles and some flowers, to start with but let's dig a bit deeper and really think up a good game plan for partners, friends, and family to celebrate February 2022!

SuperBowl Sunday

Did you notice that the Superbowl lands on Sunday, February 13th, 2022? The timing is pretty awesome because you can make it a long weekend of fun and Monday, Valentine's Day, will be a perfect wrap-up.

Local Valentine's Day Ideas

Flowers VS Plants

A giant bouquet is gorgeous and smells delicious but what if you led with that and finished it up with a plant? Something that continues to grow and hopefully thrives all year round. You could even order a custom terrarium, like a mini-ecosystem in a jar!

Chocolates and Sweets

Boehm's Candy of Yakima has an excellent selection of all kinds of chocolates and candies to choose from. Get ready to leave with a lot, it's too tough to not grab so many favorites all in one spot!

Viera's Bakery and Deli is a spot you not only can order custom-made cakes or some delicious buttercream cupcakes but you also can fill up on macaroons in every color and flavor of the rainbow! Why stop at a bouquet of flowers when you can also do a box filled with the most fluffy and fresh donuts as big as your head!

St. John's Cheesecakes are fantastically decadent cupcake-sized cheesecakes that come in different flavors and can be purchased at Wray's Thriftway or buy order.


If you've got a coffee lover in your life I've been seeing these incredible growlers of cold-brewed coffee around town lately. Set up a bar full of all their favorite flavors, ice, and cream to add a kick to your Valentine's Day.

Sip on 1st Espresso is one of a few spots that create edible art to eat and drink and they've already kicked off the month of love with these two drinks

 Our Horizon Love is a yummy blue raspberry colada mix with strawberries and topped with fresh strawberries, sour apple, blue raspberry heart gummies & strawberry roses. Our Love Spell is a yummy tropic strawberry mix with strawberries and mangos inside topped with fresh strawberry roses , watermelon flowers, mango and watermelon hearts, cucumber & mango tulips

Homemade Treats

Buy a bag of chocolate chips and strawberries. Wash and dry the strawberries, set them aside. Get a wax paper-covered plate ready and in a microwavable bowl add a cup of chocolate chips and heat at 45-second intervals stirring until smooth. Dip, twist, and lift your strawberries into the chocolate and set them on the wax paper-covered plate in the refrigerator until ready to be eaten.

Heart-Shaped Pancakes

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