As the barriers between Western and Eastern pop acts continue to come down, more and more K-pop stars are becoming household names stateside. And now, after a full week of non-stop voting, our readers are making it clear: EXO deserve to get a nomination at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards this year.

After well over 4 million (!) entries, the "KoKoBop" troupe reigns supreme today (Jul. 14) with over 47% of the vote, following an incredibly close race against acts like BTS, BLACKPINK and GOT7.

This isn't the first time EXO's passionate EXO-L crushed it in a poll: they recently took the victory for the 2017 Summer Fan Showdown.

With the group's new studio album, The War, only days away, it looks like this is going to be one EXOlent summer.

See the final poll results below, as well as just a few examples of EXO's pristine videography, which was voted most VMA-worthy.

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