I'll say it. Last year's winter sucked. It snowed far more than the usual amount, didn't melt as fast as it should have, temperatures dropped quick and, just when you thought it was over, it would snow some more. Thanks to all that snow we had severe flooding after it all melted all at once. It was the worst winter we've had in Yakima in several years. I was crossing my fingers for a more typical winter, but I took a peek at the Farmer's Almanac and those hopes were crushed.

Winter will be colder than normal, especially in the south, with the coldest periods from late November into early December and in late December, mid-January, and early February. Precipitation will be slightly below normal in the north and above in the south, with above-normal snowfall in both. The snowiest periods will be in early and mid- to late December, mid-January, early and mid-February, and early March. April and May will be warmer and slightly drier than normal. Summer will be drier than normal, with temperatures warmer than normal in the north and cooler in the south. The hottest periods will be in late June, early and late July, and early and late August. September and October will be cooler than normal, with above-normal precipitation.

I was skeptical when I read what the Farmer's Almanac was saying about Yakima last year, but it was right on the money. I'm here to tell you, as soon as you can, buy a snow shovel.

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