There are so many comic book related movies these days that you might be feeling super-hero overload but the new Marvel Studios Dr. Strange seems to have a different take on the genre and it will be worth watching if you are a fan of comic book movies.

Steve Ditko (a reclusive comic book artist and writer) created Dr. Strange in 1963. Dr. Strange was revered as being counter-culture back in the day. Dr. Strange comic books exploded on college campuses across the nation.

College students tried to decipher hidden messages while partaking in various hallucinogenic drugs believing that Steve Ditko was speaking directly to them through the pages of the comic.

I think the kids in the sixties would be surprised to know that Steve Ditko wasn't into drugs or a political agenda of the sort.

Dr. Strange has gone on to be a very popular Marvel Comics character despite muddled origins and Dr. Strange finally gets a shot of the big screen on November 4th with Benedict Cumberbatch.

The final trailer looks to be fantastic and strange.

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