This spring, firefighters across Central Washington will once again be putting good fire to work to help restore watersheds and better protect nearby communities.
Just over 6,800 acres of prescribed burning is planned this spring, but not all planned acres may be completed if conditions are not favorable.Conditions include correct temperature, wind, fuel moisture, and ventilation for smoke.

When all those conditions are met the burns will start

When these criteria are met, firefighters implement, monitor, and patrol each burn to ensure it meets forest health and public safety goals including air quality.
Residents and visitors can expect to see and smell some smoke during burning operations. Even though smoke from prescribed fire is usually light and doesn’t last long.

For real-time prescribed fire maps and updates:
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·   Phone: 509-996-4040

The burns are planned later this spring throughout the area

Late March through May, managed burning operations are planned on national forest lands in the following counties.

Okanogan County:
·       If weather conditions allow, crews will be burning piles of forest debris this week in Loup Loup Campground located 10 miles east of Twisp, WA
·       Loupy Unit 6 - 73 acres of piles in the Loup Loup Pass area, 10 miles east of
Twisp, WA
·       Benzer Unit 844 - 10 acres, located 10 miles southeast of Twisp, WA
·       Lost Driveway Unit 1 - 141 acres about 3 miles northwest of Mazama, WA
·       Lost Driveway Unit 10 - 50 acres adjacent to Highway 20 about a mile west of
Mazama, WA
·       Lost Driveway Unit 3 - 30 acres and 2.5 miles northwest of Mazama, WA
·       Goat Unit 2 - 554 acres, 2.5 miles southeast of Mazama, WA

Chelan County:
·       Falls Coyote Unit, 1,269 acres 15 miles west of Chelan, WA
·       First Creek Unit, 1,476 acres 10 miles west of Chelan, WA
·       FJ Unit, 651 acres, 13 miles west of Chelan, WA
·       Crum Unit, 72 acres, 4 miles northwest of Entiat, WA
·       Tillicum Unit, 401 acres, 5 miles southwest of Ardenvoir, WA
·       The Wenatchee River Ranger District will conduct a small 20-acre training burn in mid to late May, there are no other plans to do prescribed burning on this district this spring

Kittitas County:
·       Liberty Unit, 100 acres, 17 miles northeast of Cle Elum, WA
·       Orion Unit, 300 acres, 15 miles northeast of Cle Elum, WA
·       Teanaway Unit, 500 acres, 13 miles north of Cle Elum, WA

Yakima County:
·       Canteen Unit, 1,200 acres, 20 miles northwest of Yakima, WA near Cleman Mountain and Hwy 410

Additional prescribed fires and pile burns may be conducted if favorable conditions allow.

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