I love visiting Seattle when I can as it has many things Yakima doesn't have, but there are plenty of reasons not to move there. In fact, Yakima has a lot to offer that Seattle may not be able to accommodate. Here are five reasons why people who live in Seattle are jealous they don't live in Yakima.

  • Low Traffic

    On any given day, the worst traffic we have might make you wait for a second red light cycle.

  • Children's Village

    Sure, Seattle does have Children's Hospital, but that's a full, medical facility. Our Children's Village helps with kids of all special needs and beyond without it looking like a hospital or even having the word hospital in the name.

  • No Soda Tax

    Seattle has a tax on non-diet pop, energy drinks and more. Ain't no problem here in Yakima.

  • Get Groceries, Car Tabs, Medicine and Send Packages from the Same Store

    I'm a huge fan of Wray's Food and Drug. I'm there almost every day. Not only do they have a nice grocery store that focuses on local produce, local meat, local bread and more, they also have a shipping area and even a place to get car tabs or new license plates all in the same area. It truly is a one-stop shop.

  • Free Grocery Bags!

    Although much of Seattle has you bringing your own grocery bags, and there's nothing stopping you from bringing your own here in Yakima, but they won't charge you for each bag. Sure, it's usually only, like, a nickel, but still.

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