If you're looking at moving to the Yakima Valley, there is no shortage of great cities to choose from. But a popular choice for many is Selah -- and for all the right reasons. Here are a few reasons why Selah is a great place to live.

  • King's Row

    Just to get this out of the way early on, King's Row is one of the best burger places in the world. Not just the Yakima Valley, but of any place I've ever been to. I may be biased as it's something I'm familiar with, but hard to top the Garbage Burger.

  • Plenty of Farming

    If you want to own horses or have a little farm for yourself, Selah and the outskirts are the place to do it. Plenty of room.

  • Plenty of Jobs

    Tree Top is huge and seems they're always hiring and looking for good people. If you need a job, Tree Top may be the place to be.

  • Awesome Sense of Community

    The parades in Selah, Selah Community Days and so much more. When there's something happening in Selah, it seems the whole town gets together. I love it.

  • Magic's Pizza Shack

    I know, it's another food one but it's important. Magic's Pizza is not only excellent but gives me that classic pizzaria vibe that I miss from the 80s. Great food, arcade games you can play, awesome salad bar if that's your thing and the cookies are excellent. I'm a fan.

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