The other day I saw my daughter doing something very kid like. She is a kid, after all. I remembered when I used to do some of the things she does now and then say to myself "wait a minute, I still do that today." Here's a short list of things I used to do but you can still catch me doing these usually when nobody is looking.

  • Hand Dinosaur

    Kind of speaks for itself. My original hand puppet. Not real purpose, just have it crawl around and 'sniff' things out.

    Townsquare Media, John Riggs
  • Riding A Shopping Cart

    I actually see more adults do this than kids today. Maybe our younger generation is becoming smarter. Or they see us dorky parents do it so it's immediately un-cool.
  • Blowing Spit Bubbles

    Don't even try to pretend you don't do this. Sure, it's completely disguising, but feels so weird. The challenge is to make the biggest bubble while closing your lips.

    Flickr, tedb3rd
  • Eat Snow

    Sure, it's filled with dirt and other particles from the air, but I have to at least taste it at least once a year. Completely willingly, too, not some stray snowball that hit you in the face.

    Flickr, magerleagues
  • Splash in a Puddle

    Hey, you are the one doing laundry, you can get the bottom of your pants wet all you want. There's something about the impact you can make and the angle of the jump to get that splash as powerful as possible. Go on, give it a try next time it rains.

    Flickr, Scooter the Photographer