Food Bank Friday isn't a thing but based on the current Covid-19 situation maybe it will turn into something. I am willing to share my sweet name with you :)

Now, we need to talk about where you can grab the goods.

Friday, August 7th St. Vincent Food Bank, located at 2629 Rudkin Road in Union Gap, will be passing out food including; cucumbers, milk, fresh product, bananas, and frozen chicken while supplies last from 9 am until noon or until everything is gone.

I realize there are a lot of people in need, there is no issue in you grabbing the good to create meals for your family. The hanger is a real thing and no one needs that business right now.

Over in Selah, the food bank located at the Selah Convention Center is another place to grab food, if you are a resident of Selah open 9 am - 11 am daily. An id is required with your current Selah address, if it's your first time stopping by there is a bit of paperwork to fill out.

If anyone else knows of food distributions, tips or tricks during this time I would love for you to message us

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With the above items, I will come up with some ideas for you to use the items.

  • I love slicing up cucumbers and adding them to my tuna as the sandwich or inside my toasted bread. My Mom used to make pickles with cream cheese and salami but for a tiny bit healthier version you could use cucumbers. You could add your cucumbers to your water, you could add them to your smoothies, or chop them up and throw them in your salad or dip with ranch or hummus, even make soap!
  • Banana could be turned into banana bread if they aren't eaten super quick. You could add them to smoothies, dip them in chocolate and freeze them, mash them up and make pancakes, add them to cereal or make a peanut butter and banana sandwich with some honey, honey :)
  • I love to bake chicken, grill chicken, shredded chicken, and stir fry chicken. With loads of veggies, the sides are endless and it's all about the seasoning. Dollar Store spices for the win
  • Bacon could go with eggs, by itself, if the box comes with tomatoes and lettuce you could make a bomb BLT, Wrap your chicken in bacon, wrap your bacon in bacon, dip your bacon in chocolate, chop it up and put it on top of salads or baked potatoes.

What kinds of things come in a box of goods

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