The last time I saw a food truck court was when I visited the city of Portland, Ore., about two years ago.

I was in awe of the nearly 500 food trucks clustered together in the heart of Portland's downtown area. Wouldn't it be cool to see a food truck court in our city of Yakima?

Enter Leah Toney, stage left. Leah is the proprietor of Groovin' Grounds Mobile Espresso. You have likely seen her cute food truck at Yakima area events such as Downtown Summer Nights and other local events. Recently, Leah announced on her Facebook page that she has been chosen to rally up the vendors for central Washington's first ever "Food Truck Fridays" in downtown Yakima.

I spoke with Leah for a firsthand account and she says that the public will enjoy street food from Groovin Grounds, Sammies Souper Sandwiches and Chronic Foods. Food Truck Fridays will set up at 2105 S. First St. in Yakima. Leah adds, "It's a great spot to stop and grab lunch!" If you are feeling skeptical about going down there, Leah says that they "have power, parking, restrooms and seating available". If you or someone you know would like to be a food truck vendor, contact Leah Michele here.

Have plans for lunch today? Stop by the South First Food Court and enjoy some tasty food and drinks from Groovin' Grounds, Sammie's Souper Sandwiches, and Chronic Food's! See more on how this came about tonight on KIMA.

Posted by KIMA Action News on Friday, April 8, 2016

There is also the addition of a new venture, "Food Truck Rally", which is an event set to take place at Hop Nation Brewing Co. on the last day of the month (April 30).

Looks like Yakima's Food Truck Culture is finally kicking in to second gear! YUM!

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