Foster the People singer Mark Foster may be a big name to some people, but the bodyguards who kicked him out of Prince's L.A. gig the other night were not impressed. After Foster was spotted checking his cell phone during the concert -- a breach of protocol for this particular gig -- he was escorted outside and had to beg to get back in, and TMZ cameras were there to capture the entire awkward exchange.

The intimate show took place at the Sayers Club in Hollywood after Prince's performance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' where he debuted the new song 'Rock N Roll Love Affair.' The singer set strict rules for entrance, one of which was that cameras and cell phones were banned.

Foster violated the rule and was taken outside. "Go home, bro. Go home," the security guard was seen telling Foster in the video. Foster argued that he needed to go back in to close his tab, but the guards weren't convinced. As he stood outside pleading his case, Foster was spotted and approached by a fan, which must have been an embarrassing moment.

As onlookers began photographing him, Foster made one final attempt, scrolling through the pics on his phone to show the guard he hadn't taken any photos. After he offered to check the phone and pick it up after the show, he was allowed back inside.

Following the gig, TMZ approached Foster to ask about the incident, which he blamed on a friend texting him during the concert. "That's cool," Foster said of the phone ban. "Prince doesn't play in front of 100 people every night."

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