Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday (May 10). There's no need to buy your mom anything if you don't need to. Here's some stuff you can do for your mom if you're strapped for cash.

Give her a call.
Moms always want a phone call from their babies.

Made a 'coupon book.'
Yeah, they're hokey and rarely get used. But it's easy to do and Mom will appreciate it.

Do some housework.
Swing by her place, do the dishes, vacuum the floor, water the plants. Do something that she normally does so she doesn't have to.

Rub her feet.
I know this one is kind of weird, but if it's not too weird for you, give her a foot rub. With lotion and everything. She'll appreciate it.

Breakfast in bed.
When in doubt, make her breakfast in bed. I promise she won't even mind if you use her stuff in her fridge and cupboards. You don't have to go overboard or anything, just her favorite stuff on a plate.

That's what I've got. Give us some more examples in the comments below.

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