I had a strange experience happen this morning that I wanted to share with everyone.

Yesterday I received a missed call from a local number but with no voicemail I wasn't interested in calling it back. Before seven this morning I had another missed call but this time there was a voice message and this is what the sweet voice of an older lady said

Yeah, I received a phone call from you or this phone number anyway saying that my social security number has been compromised. I would be very interested in finding out if you're involved or not cause I am turning this phone number over to the Federal Trade Commission, just thought you should know, thank you.

Obviously this made me a little nervous but more so I wanted to make sure this little old lady didn't report me/get scammed and so I decided to call the number back to confirm that I was not involved.

Sweet old lady answers the phone, I let her know it's my phone number and I most definitely am not involved in trying to scam her. I try to let her know about how the IRS or Social Security won't contact her over the phone, she should receive something in the mail. She doesn't want to hear about it, she wants me to make sure that I report my number to ... I guess the ether? At this point we both say thank you and hang up. My husband and I look at each other and he asks, "was she the scammer?" Mind blown!

I don't know.

I've noticed my number was getting some new robocalls which means my number got out on a few different lists but I just wanted to write a head on a swivel reminder to not give out any personal information on the phone, try not to even say yes when you don't know who you are talking to just in case they are recording it and have a great day!

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