What a Monday morning! I got the chance to visit beautiful Sunnyside, Washington and speak to a few groups of students from Sunnyside Christian for their career day! Shout-out to the teachers that have created this VERY cool feature for the kids!

What's the best way to see if you are meant to be on the mic? Just go for it!

Sunnyside Christian School Career Day hold that mic

I guess you could say I am a professional DJ or rather on-air personality :) But I figured I should bring the piece of equipment that intimidates me the most, the comrex, so we could patch right into the radio station like I would do if it was a live broadcast!

The kids got the chance to send their shout-outs directly to D-Rez in the studio and we even recorded some audio for you guys. I encouraged them to create some DJ names and I have to say I was VERY impressed. Do you hear the theme? hahaha

I am SO proud of each of you for being brave and going for it! :) Thank you for being awesome and hope to see you all again soon :)

Remember the aux chord is your friend and can turn almost anything function into a party. Boom!

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