Gallo looks and sounds as if she just stepped out of a chic '70s B-movie: Glamorous, aloof and colorful in a disco-kitsch kind of way, it's no wonder the mysterious new artist is heavily inspired by cinema, particularly the works of Quentin Tarantino.

On her debut single, "Sugar Daddy," the pop newcomer—who is premiering the track's music video on PopCrush today—presents an image very much reminiscent of the auteur's signature dark humor. "Sugar daddy, you got the money / I want to party / Sugar daddy, I'll be your harlot / If you got the wallet," the California-based singer croons in the campy, slightly creepy clip, as the diva watches vintage cartoons, obsessively readjusts her cleavage and morbidly rips a fancy lobster dinner apart with her manicured fingers.

Oh, and she oozes bubblegum blue goo from her underwear. It's a real trip!

Watch below:

The song, a lurching trip-hop mid-tempo, features sultry, sinister production that crashes into Gallo's smokey, soulful vocals to create something not so familiar, yet wholly nostalgic.

"I'm so in love with the 'Sugar Daddy' music video. It directly plays on the message I want my fans and viewers to receive, which is to live boldly, fearlessly and never let go of your imagination," Gallo shares. "The director, Nadia Lee Cohen, had a major part in making my vision come to life. She is such a brilliant creative, and is actually an inspiration to me. When I first found her on Instagram, I was blown away by her style and work, and we instantly became friends."

"The music video began coming to life when I was writing the song, as whenever I write a song, certain colors, textures, movements, and concepts paint themselves in my mind," she continues. "So I always saw 'Sugar Daddy' as being very cartoonish, very bold and bright in colors, with a 1950s, 1960s vibe. Also, fantasy always plays a big role in my imagery. I want to create a world for my fans to escape to with me when watching my videos, a world that always leaves them wanting more and wondering what's around the corner."

Gallo's debut EP is set to release August 25.

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