Jon Snow is alive, y'all! The red witch started mumbling some of that Val Kilmer-ian (Valkyrian) and it woke up Jon Snow from the dead. So now, he’s gonna be a zombie, a la The Walking Dead. That cute little dire wolf sleeping on the floor next to Jon's body and was like, SHUT! UP! JON SNOW IS BACK. MY MAN! *insert Denzel Washington meme*

Arya keeps getting her "ask" beat by the lady with the cane. Then that Jesus-looking dude comes out of nowhere asking her what’s her name. She’s like, "Hi my name is who, my name is what, chickka chikka slim shady--I have no name", and he said, alright girl, you don’t have to be a beggar on these streets no mo!

The traitors who killed Jon Snow were planning to escape when all of a sudden, both David AND Goliath show up and start raising a ruckus, slamming people into the wall and killing errybody.

Tyrion Lannister goes to the dungeon to free the third dragon and you could almost hear it singing Nick Jonas, "You got me in chains!"

The young king Tommen Lannister won’t let Cersei come to the family funeral of his sister, Myrcella, because he thinks Cersei is probably gonna be killed by all the people who hate her. Tommen is like, "Mom, those Sept religious guys are more evil than we are, and that ain’t cool. Will you help me become a super villian like you, and then we can take them all down together?" Cersei was all, "Muhahahah! Yassss!" and the show ends.

Next week, everyone's going to find out that Jon Snow is alive from the dead, and Arya gets some more ninja training from that Jesus dude.

I can't wait til Sunday for episode 3 of Game of Thrones!

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