Always Be My Maybe Review
Netflix is bringing the fire! Dropping original content and the latest one I just wrapped up is called Always Be My Maybe.
Starring Ali Wong and Randall Parks with a surprise appearance from Keanu Reeves! There is an original song that is stuck in my head right now written by Randall but I can't…
Yakima Valley Schools ‘Snow Day’ Totals
While every public school district in the Yakima Valley has canceled at least one day due to snow/ice, some have had to more than others, with only a single district still holding a built-in day to keep from having to extend the school year later this summer.
My Favorite Parts of 2018
What a year 2018 has been! Took the leap and decided to switch up my position in radio with a new team, station and responsibilities. HUGE shout-out to all the 107.3 KFFM listeners and Townsquare Media because it truly has been a pleasure and SO looking forward to what's next!

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