My daughter, Willow, broke her expensive glasses about two weeks ago. Her father had bought them in Federal Way at LensCrafters, and he said that if they ever broke, I could get them repaired for free at any store location. I was just about to head out to Valley Mall in Union Gap to get them fixed, but as I typically do, I went online to check store hours for the places I'm headed to visit.

I was astonished to find out that the Union Gap location had gone out of business. The nearest place was in the Tri-Cities area.

Oy. There was no way I had the time nor gas money to drive all the way out there to get her glasses replaced. I tried putting superglue on her frames, but they continued to break, multiple times a day.

Her teacher told me about a place in town to go where the eyeglasses were not only inexpensive, they were high quality.

Have you heard of EyeMart? It is in the tiny strip mall next to the McDonald's in Union Gap (2402 S. First St., Suite 112) and I got my kiddo two pairs of prescription eyeglasses in a hurry for less than $40! I got both pairs in less than an hour (they were ready in 30 minutes), and the staff there was super-friendly.

Shout-out to my child's teacher, Mrs. Salamanca, for helping this broke single mama find some glasses for my daughter, and to EyeMart for being near my home and saving the day! Keep them in mind if you ever are in a bind for some eyeglasses for yourself or your family!


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