Baby Joel and I were talking about time honored traditions. One establishment that has been in Yakima for many years is Burger Ranch. Burger Ranch has great burgers but also has awesome breakfasts. What do we do? We grab both!

This is a place my dad would take us when I was growing up. Although the one on 16th is now gone, there are still three location with one on Summitview, one on 1st and Mead in Yakima and another in Selah.

Looking over the menu, he caught something called the 'bag o' fries' which I knew he had to experience for himself. All of the food is great. We arrived at a transitional time between breakfast and lunch so we decided to do a 2-parter.

Baby Joel grabbed the special. Nice n' simple, they offer a pancake eggs and meat for less than $4. He was surprised how large the pancake was. He dubbed it the 'mancake'. I opted for french toast as it's always perfect.

To take back to the stations he had to grab a what they called the 'big ranchburger' which is a heavy, giant burger full of good stuff. We also had to take back the bag o' fries with plenty of fry sauce. Baby Joel said it was probably the biggest burger he's ever had in his life.

Big thanks to Larry as well as Michelle M, Michelle PG, Ashley and the rest of the staff for being so cool. He loved it as much as I thought he would! You made a friend for life.

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