One of our favorite places to go as a family is to Red Robin. My middle daughter, Lily, loves that place so much that whenever we visit she can't stop smiling. Let's see if I can get her to stop smiling once while there.

tl;dr: I couldn't

We like going there for several reasons. My kids like burger seats and the chalk board, my wife and I love it because our son has autism and behaves very well there. We all love it because we love the food - it's why you'd go to any restaurant.

My middle daughter, Lily, loves that place because she's a picky eater so they have plenty of options for her to choose from. You can never go wrong with mac n' cheese. That's what she grabbed. And, with unlimited root beer floats, you can't go wrong.

I try to pop the camera on her periodically to see if she's not smiling but, nope, she's smiling the entire time from before we got there to all the way home. It was a fun and delicious challenge.

Speaking of delicious, I normally go for my favorite, the A-1 peppercorn burger, but they had a 'southern comfort' burger with candied bacon on it. I'd highly recommend it.

Next time you visit Red Robin, see if you can get your kids to stop smiling. I bet you can't.

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