There are thousands of Washington state residents who have a misdemeanor marijuana conviction on their record, and Gov. Jay Inslee wants to make that stain go away.

KOMO News reports that Inslee attended the Fifth Annual Cannabis Alliance Washington State Cannabis Summit at the Crowne Plaza SeaTac Airport, and he announced that he will allow anyone to have past marijuana convictions expunged.

Inslee told summit attendees that he wants to fast-track the pardoning process so that the 3,500 people affected will have no need to hire a costly attorney or need to take time off work to attend lengthy court hearings.

Whether this move is a convenient photo-op for his reported 2020 presidential run, it will surely be greeted with open arms by those affected by their previous pot convictions. Inslee has shown past support for a legalized cannabis industry.

Marijuana for recreational use was legalized in Washington state with the passing of Initiative 502 in 2012. Recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

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