Governor Jay Inslee now has the final decision on whether or not a Yakima man will be released from prison after the 1982 violent murders of his wife and sister-in-law. 72-year-old William Kincaid was convicted of first-degree and second-degree murder charges and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. Kincaid is now asking the governor to be released. He was in front of the Washington State Clemency Board on Thursday. Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic says he argued against releasing Kincaid. "I was very passionate in my response for him to stay in and serve the rest of his life in prison, as the judge ordered."

The 4 member state clemency board voted on Thursday

The 4 member Clemency Board was split in the vote to release Kincaid from prison, 2 to recommend to the governor to have him stay in prison, 2 for release. As a result of the split vote the decision is now up to Governor Jay Inslee. The board makes recommendations to the governor but has no power to release inmates. Governor Jay Inslee has the ability to commute any prison sentence in the state of Washington.
Court documents say the murders happened on June 14 of 1982 when Kincaid and his wife, Charla Lynn Kincaid, were separated. His wife was living with his wife's sister, Debra Denise Kruse. Court papers say William Kincaid arrived at the home to speak to his wife but his "wife told him she had decided not to come back to him and that she planned to keep their child with her.

Prosecutors say Kincaid reacted violently and committed the murders

Prosecutors say Kincaid then walked to his vehicle and grabbed his 12-gauge magnum shotgun walked back into the home and first shot and killed his sister-in-law as his wife ran upstairs and locked herself in a bathroom.
Prosecutor Joe Bruisic says Kincaid "then he went to the bathroom and kicked the door in. As the wife cowered between the toilet and the wall, the defendant shot her in the back of the head causing her instantaneous death. The defendant tried to shoot himself but apparently failed due to the length of the shotgun barrel. He went outside again, loaded more shells into the gun and returned upstairs to *307 the scene of the two killings. This time the defendant managed to shoot away part of his jaw and mouth."

Now the final decision on whether he goes free is up the Governor Inslee

Now, depending on the decision of Governor Jay Inslee, Kincaid could soon be released from prison. There's no word on when the governor is expected to make the decision.

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