Ready, set, let's go to work!

It's nice to have a paycheck, it's even nicer to be able to pay your bills with money leftover so whether you are searching for an extra job, your first job, a career switch, or just curious what's out there. It's time to dust off the resume or start putting together your first one and get to hunting, job hunting that is!

If you'd like to add more to the list please message us and I will continue to update

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  1. The locally-owned Ace Hardware store located at 7200 West Nob Hill is searching for full-time workers and part-time workers. A nice little perk, if you refer a friend you could make some money too!
  2. Full-time work from home position with Arise. You would be a call center representative but I have a feeling you could still wear your pajamas because no one will know!
  3. Get your beauty on or just the knowledge with a full-time and part-time position as a sales associate for Sally Beauty
  4. You could begin a career with PAE Biometrics (Fingerprinting) as a part-time technician. There is a hiring surge currently within the company due to Covid-19 so go grab it!
  5.  If you own a car and like to drive then maybe a part-time position as an Uber Eats driver is right for you

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