Baby, it's a sign of the times: Harry Styles kick-started his week-long residency at The Late Late Show With James Corden Monday night (May 15), but his guest stint didn't come without a few (fictional) speed bumps.

In a prerecorded sketch, the singer walks into the Late Late Show studio, only to be immediately halted by a security guard who doesn't believe Styles is actually Styles.

"You're Harry Styles? Yeah, sure, fine. And I'm Katy Perry," she says, mocking him as he tries to convince her. "If you’re Harry Styles, then where's the rest of One Direction?”

"Um, I don't always travel with One Direction. I'm doing, like, a solo thing now," Styles responds.

"Oh, you're doing the solo thing? Yeah, how did that work out for Justin Timberlake?" the guard asks, snarkily, prompting Styles to mumble, "Really well, actually."

Thankfully, the singer eventually gets through the door after using his smoldering gaze on the unwitting security guard, who quickly melts into a puddle of girlish giggles and fluttering eyelids.

Flynn Rider

Unfortunately for host James Corden, who walks in after Styles and doesn't have his identification on him, the same maneuver doesn't quite pan out with the same effect. Watch below:

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