So I am reading here that a Georgia school has decided to reinstate a paddling policy! Dang it! Have you ever been paddled in school? I have! Hahahaha! (I can laugh because it happened to me, right?)

I lived in California at the time, was attending a Christian school and I think I was only in first or second grade. I know, right? Sarah you are so sweet, why did you get paddled? Because I decided to change a grade on one of my tests. Yep, that's right. I went up to the teacher's desk, took her red pen and changed my F to an A like she wouldn't figure it out. What do you want? I was like 6 at the time! To make matters worse, when confronted about it I lied to the teacher (she watched me do it), so I was sent to the principal's office. I remember being pretty terrified and even thinking "I bet I could stuff some magazines in my undies to soften the blow," But I didn't have time to create my padding.

I really don't recall too much being said. I am sure I got a lecture about lying and also I wasn't allowed to go outside that day and play at recess. I think I was probably more upset with that then anything else ... and probably having my parents be told. But it wasn't like they called and asked permission to spank me. That was just part of the deal in some schools back in the '90s. The paddle had holes in it and I remember the principal pointing out that it got good air for a quicker and harder paddling. Nice way to prepare me. I can't imagine hearing about one of my nonexistent children getting paddled these days, but that's where we might be headed.

So I have two questions to ask you:

  1. Have YOU ever been paddled at school?
  2. Do you agree with this Georgia school reinstating the paddling policy?

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