So this just happened. An Ohio teen was attempting to take a picture of the sun setting behind his truck, nothing to unusual, until he uploaded the photo to facebook and people starting asking who was in the truck! What?

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Have you ever captured a ghost on camera or have a good ghost story you'd like to share?

One time back in college I got home from school and my roommates asked me if I had lit any candles and left them burning, I said no but I did notice the house smelled like something had been burning. The candle in question was in the bathroom, one of those jelly candles that burns completely even, it was all melted like someone had picked it up and kept turning it so it melted all funky. While we were mentioning how weird that was a pen that we used to write notes to each other on the fridge moved across the top! It has ridges and shouldn't couldn't have moved without help! eeeeeh! After we moved out of that apartment complex the entire building burned down except for our apartment for some reason was left untouched. I guess I will go with that being a good thing?

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