The Pacific Northwest, and Yakima in particular, have reported many UFO sightings. One of the most popular is the ball of light that witnesses can't explain. Have you seen it? I have.

My story isn't as cool as abduction or anything, but I remember, in the '80s, walking to the store with my brother when he pointed out an airplane in the sky. Only this didn't have wings, or at least it didn't look like it did. It was a clear day, so it wasn't like there were clouds to blend in. It was traveling on an odd path, too. Most planes in our skies appear to be flying north or south. This was traveling west.

The weird part is it was traveling west for a bit when, all of a sudden, we couldn't see it anymore. As if it vanished.

Was it aliens? Maybe a top-secret government project? Either way, it was an unidentified flying object and that's what makes it count as a UFO.

Granted, this was easily over 30 years ago, but I could never explain it.

What about you? Have you see anything like that over the Yakima Valley? Tell us in the comments.

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