I went skiing at White Pass over the weekend and everyone was talking about the guy that flew off the mountain at what we call "Dead Man's Curve" on Highway 12 and lived to tell about it ...CRAZY STORY

Red x is approximately where the truck landed on the cliff. Blue x is about where the tractor and horse trailer landed. Yellow line is roughly where I walked in the middle of the night concussed, bleeding, and hypothermic. I fell and slide down the cliff then tried to follow a stream I could hear. Too dark to even see your hands in front of your face.


I was pushed off a mountain pass yesterday by an oncoming car that crossed into my lane around a blind corner. I flew about 250 feet in the air before the truck landed and cartwheeled for another 700 feet down the cliff. I survived this and a bitter cold hypothermic night in the snow for 12 hours before walking 3 miles out following a stream at the bottom of the canyon. Wearing only cowboy boots, pants, and a Carhartt jacket. All that with only a split lip, stitches and bruises everywhere. I was pulling a heavy all steel 4 horse trailer with my John Deere 1025R FILB inside it. The trailer is destroyed and nobody found the tractor. The truck is so deep into the canyon it’s just going to stay there. No way to get it out.

That Ford F-250 saved my life. Loved that truck and loved my tractor. They will be missed.


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